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Mrs. Bacher - Counselor
Posted on 10/09/2019
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I am so excited to return to Rainier Elementary this year!  It was a busy summer and I recently took my youngest son to Oregon State University for his freshman year of college.  It is very quiet around my house so I love to come to school and be around all the wonderful students and activity of an elementary school.

I have spent the first few weeks of school making visits to each classroom to introduce myself.  I started classroom lessons the week of September 9 and my lessons focused on how to prevent Bullying and how to get help if it happens.  We want Rainier to be a Bully Free Zone!  All grade levels were taught that Bullying means that someone does something mean on purpose, it happens over and over and it makes you sad or afraid.  For the end of September and in to October I am starting Second Step lessons with grades K – 2.  Our focus is on skills for learning such as listening and showing respect.  In the Intermediate grades we will be doing various lessons addressing how to identify feelings and strategies to manage strong emotions.  I visit each classroom every other week.

Another part of my job is monitoring school attendance.  September was Attendance Awareness month in Washington State.  We want our students to be here every day unless they are very sick.  Our state defines “chronically absent” as missing 10% or more school days (excused or unexcused) in a school year.  That works out to just 2 days per month or 18 days in a year which is like missing an entire month of school!  Why 10%?  Research suggests that students who miss more than 10% of the year are much less likely to be reading at grade level by third grade which is a significant predictor of a student’s later ability to graduate from high school.  Arriving to school late or picking up your child early can also affect their achievement.  Instruction occurs from the first bell at 7:45 to the final bell at 2:15. Missing even a few minutes each day can make a difference.  Most instruction that occurs each day cannot be replicated by sending home work.   Attendance matters for every grade level!  Please have your child here every day on time so they can receive the best education possible. 

If your child is sick or absent, please notify our school office staff right away.  The absence will be unexcused until we hear from you.  There is additional information in the school handbook your child received on the first day on what absences can be excused.

I am here for your kids!  Please contact me through the main office if you have any questions or concerns that I can help with.

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