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Counselor News
Posted on 04/30/2019
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Happy Spring!

I can hardly believe we are so close to the end of the school year.  It seems like just a few weeks ago I was writing my very first letter as the new counselor.  My life is hectic as I prepare for my youngest child to graduate from high school and go to college next fall.  I can say that although a lot has happened I sometimes feel like it was just yesterday that I dropped him off for his first day of Kindergarten.  I guess that is my way of saying enjoy these elementary school years because they pass by quickly.

For the past four or five weeks’ classroom counseling lessons at all grade levels have been working on self-regulation or what to do when you have a strong feeling.  In the Second Step curriculum we learn the Steps to Calm down. 

  1. Stop
  2. Name Your Feeling
  3. Calm down

I have taught some techniques for calming down such as counting forwards or backwards, using positive self-talk (i.e. I can handle this, I can do it) and taking Belly Breaths.  Ask your child to teacher you how to take a Belly Breath.   It works for grownups during those difficult parenting moments too!

I also recently sent out some information to staff about a child’s “emotional” cup.  The idea behind it is that every person has a cup that needs to be filled with affection, love, security, and attention.  When a child’s cup is empty they will communicate by misbehavior to get your attention.  Some things that empty your child’s cup are stress, rejection by peers, loneliness, yelling and punishment, failing, fatigue and being forced to only do what they hate to do. 

Ways to fill up your child’s cup include active play and exercise, limiting screen time, one-on-one time with a parent, lots of love and affection, connection, success and a chance to do what they choose to do or love to do.  Often, your child’s behavior and mental health will improve when the focus is on these “cup fillers.”

I have truly enjoyed being Rainier’s counselor this past year and hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing summer.  As always please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about your child.

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