Principal Message

Rainier Principal Kylie Danielson

We are one week away from our online learning! We know there are tons of questions and we are working so hard to get this new learning model up and running. We know there will be kinks the first week or two, and that we will work through this together. Please know that teachers are required by the state to take attendance. Even if your child is unable to log in to Microsoft Teams during their designated time and participate in the online session live, we need to hear from you. Please keep emailing or calling your child's teacher so we are able to provide support in other ways. See some reminders below and then a Q&A (thank you, Mrs. Berry for organizing this Q&A) that you may find helpful. 

  • Learning packets will continue to be distributed on Wednesdays. The bus stops at Rainier at 10 am, the old Greenwood site at 10:20 am, and many other locations on JBLM. Please check the district website for details.
  • I have put 10 packets for each grade level, K-5 outside of the main, Stryker side, door. If you go to get packets and notice that we are out or almost out at a certain grade level, please email me ( and I will go in to replenish them. Our buildings are closed (secretary and principal working from home) so we aren’t there to do it daily, but I will go in and replenish if you let me know we are low or out.
  • Learning packets will be review/maintenance of learning through April 27th, our original return date. After April 27th, we will switch our focus to new learning. The packets will be the main source of the work and then teachers will be supporting students online with this work. More information regarding remote learning is coming.
  • We are currently working so hard to get schedules coordinated for online learning. You will be contacted by your child's teacher with times for these online learning sessions. We are very excited to see our Panther faces again soon in this new way.
  • Even though we can no longer meet in person, learning and instruction will continue! Please keep us informed on how your student is doing, how we can support you, and what is going on in your lives. We are here to make sure your student gets the best education possible, even in this unconventional way!

How do I sign up for Teams? I tried following the instructions on the last e-mail but I couldn’t get it to work.  What’s wrong?

  • The flyer says “District ID #”.  What you really want is your student’s ID #.  If your student’s ID # is 423912, then that is what you use.
  • Password is what we use at school: Panther1, Panther2, etc.
  • Let your child’s teacher know if you still can’t get it to work. The district will be setting up a help line that you can call for support in the days to come.
  • If you have no idea what flyer I am talking about, see below the principal message.

What is “Teams” and why do I need it?

  • It is a video platform where we will be holding video lessons and small groups.  Teachers will also be posting links, video tutorials, etc. so it’s very important that you have it on your computer and ready to go. 

How are the packets going to look different starting the 27th?

  • The packets will have NEW material rather than review material like the last several weeks.  The district will decide what we need to cover before the end of the year and assemble learning packets based on that.

Do I need to get the packets?

  • Starting the 27th you really NEED to have these packets weekly so that your student can complete the lessons that teachers teach. This is new learning, not review.
  • Remember, packets are distributed on the bus each Wednesday. A few are also put outside the main Rainier Stryker side door and can be replenished by emailing Mrs. Danielson.

What will the virtual lessons look like?

  • A downside to Teams is that we will not be holding lessons as an entire class.  Unfortunately, that means that many students will be unable to see each other.  We will be operating in a small group setting of 4-5 students.  Teams only shows 4 smiling faces at a time so the groups will be small so I can see you all.  

How often are the lessons?

  • Classroom teachers will be teaching 3 times a week. The days vary per classroom. Teachers will be providing schedules this week to families. During these sessions, students will be expected to log on and work through material with their teacher.  The lessons are 35 minutes in length. In addition to instruction from your child’s classroom teacher, there will be one session a week for specialist as well as 1+ session per week if you child received other services (intervention, resource, ELL, speech, etc.).

What to do if you need technology devices?

  • To access Microsoft Teams the way it is intended, you will need a device that has a webcam and mic with adequate web access. 
  • The district is working very hard to get devices to the 3,000+ families that filled out the tech survey. If you didn’t fill out the survey but still need a device, please email your child’s teacher. If you did fill out the survey and don’t hear from the district by later this week, please contact your child’s teacher as well.

What will grades be like for 3rd Trimester?

  • Grades will be transitioning to a pass or fail type of system.
  • Pass: 
    • Best case scenario - Students are attending groups (at least somewhat regularly) and participating in discussions/work. 
    • Second Best - If you cannot attend groups or if you are able to complete the assignments with just the video lessons that we plan to have available in teams, submitting your completed work so that your child’s teacher can provide feedback or check-in with you would count as “participation” as well.
  • Fail:We can’t get a hold of you and we aren’t able to get materials, instruction, and support to your student since we left the school. Essentially – communicate with us. WE WANT TO HELP!
  • Why are we doing it this way?  Everyone’s home life is different and it would be unfair of us to take a grade to put on your report card if you have a younger sibling crying in the background, and older sibling watching tv next to you, and your internet keeps cutting out. We are here to help as we all navigate this new world together.

What if I need school materials (paper, pencils, etc.)?

  • The school buses should also be distributing school materials on the days that the packets are delivered via the distribution route.

Be safe, stay home, stay healthy! We miss you!


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